God has not called me to be successful. He called me to be faithful.”
Mother Teresa of Calcutta, used with permission from Mother Teresa Center.
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Consider: The Great Role of Parents and Family
in assisting us in our formation by informing us.
Consider: THE WHAT: Our Mission - To know, love, & serve THE WHO: God (and others).
Consider: THE HOW: The SOS of it.
Consider: THE WHY: To Save Our Souls (SOS)
and to Help Others Save Theirs (HOST).
Consider: THE WHEN: Now, A.S.A.P.
Consider: THE WHERE: Ever. 091615
Catechesis according to Church Teaching
1.) "Parents are the first to pass on the faith to their children & to educate them in it." (Second Vatican Council's Decree on Laity)
2. "Catechesis is an education in the faith of children, young people & adults..." "...in an organic & systematic way...", "...into the fullness of Christian life."
(Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) - p. 8, no. 5, 1994 USCCB, Ligouri Press, St. Louis)
3.) The Family and the Church "build(s) catechesis on four pillars:"
(Church teaching from Sacred Tradition, Sacred Scripture, the teaching Magisterium of the Church (the Pope, and the Bishops in communion witgh him...) (CCC - p. 9, no. 13)

4.) The Four Pillars of Catechesis...The Creed, The Liturgy & The Sacraments, The Life of Faith (the moral life), & The Lord's Prayer. (See CCC) or The Roman Catechism.

5.) Parents teach eating, sleeping, dressing, cleaning, working, counting, pronounciation, etc. - PARENTS ARE TEACHERS!

6.) Parents teach manners, responsibility, respect, right from wrong, prayers & why God made us. - PARENTS ARE CATECHISTS! (If parents wrote down the things they already say or do to teach & to catechize, they might be very surprised. )

7.) Parents could write down what they already say or do in a FAMILY DAILY CATECHISM SCHEDULE & use it with the Catechism ABCs of Ask a Catechism Question for the Bulletin Board, according to the Church Calendar.

Sunday - Mass
Monday - Church Calendar
Tuesday - Prayer - Learn/Practice
Wednesday - Catholic Culture - (Art, Music, Church Language -Latin-,
History, etc.
Thursday - Creed/Apologetics
Friday - 10 Commandments/7Sacraments
Saturday - EOC (Examination of Conscience - every evening is good practice)
& Confession.
"NOT A PARENT? Catechize Yourself & Some Others!!!
Form Your Information. Form by Informing.
Consider: The uniformity, conformity, & THE ORDER in the Universe.
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