God has not called me to be successful. He called me to be faithful.”
Mother Teresa of Calcutta, used with permission from Mother Teresa of Center 


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Consider: The Great Role of Parents and Family
in assisting us in our formation by informing us.
Consider: THE WHAT: Our Mission - To know, love, & serve THE WHO: God (and others).
Consider: THE HOW: The SOS of it.
Consider: THE WHY: To Save Our Souls (SOS)
and to Help Others Save Theirs (HOST).
Consider: THE WHEN: Now, A.S.A.P.
Consider: THE WHERE: Ever. 091615
Catechesis according to Church Teaching
1.) "Parents are the first to pass on the faith to their children & to educate them in it." (Second Vatican Council's Decree on Laity)
2. "Catechesis is an education in the faith of children, young people & adults..." " an organic & systematic way...", "...into the fullness of Christian life."
(Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) - p. 8, no. 5, 1994 USCCB, Ligouri Press, St. Louis)
3.) The Family and the Church "build(s) catechesis on four pillars:"
(Church teaching from Sacred Tradition, Sacred Scripture, the teaching Magisterium of the Church (the Pope, and the Bishops in communion witgh him...) (CCC - p. 9, no. 13)

4.) The Four Pillars of Catechesis...The Creed, The Liturgy & The Sacraments, The Life of Faith (the moral life), & The Lord's Prayer. (See CCC) or The Roman Catechism.

5.) Parents teach eating, sleeping, dressing, cleaning, working, counting, pronounciation, etc. - PARENTS ARE TEACHERS!

6.) Parents teach manners, responsibility, respect, right from wrong, prayers & why God made us. - PARENTS ARE CATECHISTS! (If parents wrote down the things they already say or do to teach & to catechize, they might be very surprised. )

7.) Parents could write down what they already say or do in a FAMILY DAILY CATECHISM SCHEDULE & use it with the Catechism ABCs of Ask a Catechism Question for the Bulletin Board, according to the Church Calendar.

Sunday - Mass
Monday - Church Calendar
Tuesday - Prayer - Learn/Practice
Wednesday - Catholic Culture - (Art, Music, Church Language -Latin-,
History, etc.
Thursday - Creed/Apologetics
Friday - 10 Commandments/7Sacraments
Saturday - EOC (Examination of Conscience - every evening is good practice)
& Confession.
"NOT A PARENT? Catechize Yourself & Some Others!!!
Form Your Information. Form by Informing.
Consider: The uniformity, conformity, & THE ORDER in the Universe.
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Chemistry Distinguished

Chemistry distinguished with 

Human Chemistry Emphasis


Divine -  God as the Source of Chemistry...through, with, & in the Blessed Trinity.

 Natural - Example: Water = Hydrogen & Oxygen, as in Kitchen Chemistry...also as in vitamins & minerals, etc....dependent upon the Physics of calories, aka heat.

 Human - Physical & Spiritual. Physical as in man & in husband & wife. Spiritual as in man & in husband & wife.

 Human Chemistry is reserved for husband & wife. Physical Chemistry between a man & a woman, other than a husband & wife...can be...but is not acted upon out of Respect, that is love, for God, respect (love) for the Sacrament of Matrimony (marriage), & respect (love) for the other person...& if the other person is married, respect & love for his/her spouse.

 Acted upon in thought, word, or deed is against the Virtue of Purity. Thoughts, words, deeds against the Virtue of Purity is a Sin. Sins against the Virtue of Purity are always mortal sins since those sins too easily lead to more grave sins, so they are grave to begin the beginning. Temptations to impure thoughts must be banished quickly as they can too easily become lustful thoughts, or sins.

 Physical Chemistry (think positive & negative charges) between a man & a woman is from God. The thoughts, words or actions that can arise from this Physical Chemistry (think physical attraction) are from the human. A human's free will allows him or her to reject the temptation of this Physical Chemistry, thereby rejecting the mortal sin against the Virtue of Purity.

Physical Chemistry between a man & a woman may or may not include Spiritual Chemistry.

 Spiritual Chemistry between a man & a woman, may or may not include Physical Chemistry.

When a man & a woman experience both a Physical Chemistry & a Spiritual Chemistry, they then have a special Human Chemistry that could or can serve them well in the lifelong commitment in the Sacrament of Matrimony.
 Spiritual Chemistry is almost too Sacred...too put into words. It is like the relationship one has with God...but is not. In a Spiritual Chemistry between a man & a woman each soul knows the other. It does not even have to be talked about because there is nothing to talk about because the Gift of Understanding takes the place of talk.

It would be similar to identical twins who know each other's soul intimately...quite well. They resonate because they are familiar souls, one with the other's soul. From this understanding comes love. Not from anywhere else
Not from anywhere else means two souls who have lots in common, and lots not in common...are not the reason two souls are in love. They can have not much in common & yet be deeply in love. It is the understanding they have with each other. Once they know that, understand that, no one & nothing separates that.

It happens, sometimes, that when a man 'divorces' his wife, 'marries' another woman, & yet, he still loves his "wife".  That is exactly the word he has been known to use.

That is also why in widowhood or widowerhood it has been men..."The Sacrament ends, the relationship continues." Also, "The marriage ends, the love continues". 

 Spiritual Chemistry between two unmarried people, if thought about, talked about, or acted upon, as in working together, could be a temptation to sin. It would be prudent to avoid a man or a woman with whom one has a Spiritual Chemistry if either one is married...or is otherwise in the case of Holy Orders or a consecrated nun for the same reason or reasons as avoiding people with whom one has a Physical Chemistry.

 God, the Source of all Chemistry, is in the driver's seat...& amongst men & women. We have only to choose to do His good, holy, & perfectly pleasing will. That will leads us more deeply to Him.

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